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So you’ve completed the stunning new redesign for your client and integrated an easy-to-maintain Content Management System. Great job! But what about all the content from their old site? You’ve finished the fun part, but you can’t go live yet, not with all that lorem ipsum. . .

Your content needs migrating from the old site into the new CMS and all the images need resizing for the new layout before uploading. And some of the text needs rewriting to fit better on the pages. And all those <b> headings need to be converted to <h1>s and <h2>s. And the consistency of some of the language could be improved. Have you ever thought it might be nice to be able to delegate that part of the job? That’s what we call a Right Hand Plan!

Since 2008, we have been supporting graphic designers, web designers and coders, user-testing and QAing their site and CMS builds. We’ve built CSS sites from scratch and using custom and made amendments to text, images and layouts of existing sites through HTML/PHP and through various popular and custom CMSs.

We will cut and paste, crop and rotate, rewrite and adjust the tone of your / your client’s text and images. A quick scan of the old site normally gives us a good idea of how much work will be involved, and as long as the scope of work is agreed up-front, our estimates are normally pretty accurate. For large projects or where time is critical, we work in partnership with other professionals to help you bring the project in on-time and on-budget, so drop us a line and let’s see how we can help!



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