How Does It Work?

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How Does It Work?

Not every business can afford a right-hand man on their permanent payroll, even though they know how much they could benefit from having one.

At Right Hand Plan we give you the flexibility to delegate tasks without the headache and inefficiencies of hiring permanent staff when you’re not ready for them, but with much better continuity than using a temp agency. We are here to provide the skills you need, when you need them, just a phone-call or email away.

We aim to be keep our pricing simple and transparent, so that you know as much as possible what a job is going to cost you. If you need us to spend two hours on something, we’ll let you know in advance whether we think that’s reasonable, and do our utmost to achieve it.

For our in-house services, we maintain a very simple rate-card and bill in 15-minute increments, which we’ve found minimises over-spend while still giving full flexibility. Depending how much work we do with you (and the kinds of tasks), it sometimes works smoothest to put us on retainer and ‘call off’ that time through any given month, but in most circumstances the simple rate is the best way of working.

Our clients also include specialists (like yourself!) and so we can make referrals and recommendations if you need dedicated graphic designers, editors, copywriters, programmers, app developers, SEO Search Engine specialists, IT experts, software testers, QA quality control professionals, PA personal assistants, secretaries and accountants.

We try to take the same care of your clients as if they were our own, and we’ll never go over budget without discussing it with you, even if that means we need to cover the excess.