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About Us

What's a 'Right Hand Plan'?

A fresh set of eyes and someone to delegate to; that's a Right Hand Plan!

We've been helping small firms and freelancers since 2008, bringing a trusted pair of hands to get things done, spotting missed issues and helping explore new opportunities.

Not everyone can have a right-hand man, but let us do the work you’re too busy for, and you'll soon be concentrating on what you’re great at.

Do you only help web designers?

Not at all! Internet-related tasks are our focus, and most of our clients are small web-design agencies, but we help with a host of office, secretarial and PA functions.

As well as digital-specific tasks like content migration, content management, and site testing, we also help with day-to-day tasks like audio typing, preparing letters, spreadsheets and presentations or booking transport and accommodation, as well as those that come up once a year like managing exhibition attendees or stuffing mail-shot envelopes.

Is it complicated?

We hope not! We believe that business doesn't need to be complicated; simply communicate, set expectations and then deliver.

By keeping those benchmarks in mind, we work hard to be professional, supportive and flexible, and believe this allows you to be the same.

Why do you work this way?

We’re a broad bunch of creative, methodical, reliable individuals who need flexibility in our working hours. By working together, we retain this flexibility for ourselves while providing fast responses and regular office hours for our clients.

Why should I work this way?

Running your own business demands you handle tasks you don't have the time or skills to do efficiently. You don't want more staff (not yet, anyway!) but sometimes the support of an extra set of hands, eyes or ears is really appreciated.

We aim to be professional, supportive and flexible, and work hard to let you be the same.

How does it work long-term?

We may only work for you for a few hours each month, but long may that continue!

When you're ready for an additional member of staff, we'll be happy to help you train them, and then to support you in your continued growth, until you're ready for another.

How It Works

How does your pricing work?

We aim to be keep our pricing simple and transparent, so that you know as much as possible what a job is going to cost. If you need us to only spend two hours on something, we’ll let you know in advance whether that’s reasonable, and do our utmost to achieve it.

For our in-house services, we maintain a very simple rate-card and bill in 15-minute increments. We’ve found this minimises over-spend while still giving full flexibility.

Do you work on a retainer?

Depending how much work we do with you (and the kinds of tasks), it sometimes works smoothest to put us on retainer and ‘call off’ that time through any given month, but in most circumstances the simple rate is the best way of working for everyone.

How much do you charge?

We think that our ratecard is incredibly competitive, especially when compared against the costs of agency temps or contractors, or against the overheads of employing your own temp or permanent staff.

Tell us more about your needs, and we'll give you a quote.

What about if you need to go over budget?

We’ll never go over budget without discussing it with you, even if that means we need to cover the excess.

Sometimes things come up unexpectedly or tasks are more complex than they first seemed, but communication and expectation-setting are as important as delivery.

What do I do next?

Get in touch! You can reach us in all the usual ways. Complete our online contact form, call us on 07802 586 884, or email info@righthandplan.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Get in touch!

We look forward to hearing from you!