Checking Consistency

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Checking Consistency

Proofreading & Copy Editing

In print publishing, the page proofs are the first (and usually the only) chance to see the words, images, illustrations and layout as one coherent piece before publishing. The same process occurs with publishing online, where the copy and site design interact for the first time, but with added complexity because your work will be viewed on different devices, browsers, and screens, and the site-visitors won’t necessarily let you know of any issues.

Whether you’ve launched a brand new site, given it a complete overhaul or made some significant changes, setting a third-party loose on it for testing and feedback can be invaluable. A fresh set of eyes will often find missed issues, or raise queries or alternative options before final sign-off and go-live.

Flexible Test Plans

Depending on the size of your site, we can build and execute a thorough test plan right down to checking mouse-over alt text is working correctly and whether links open in the same tab or new tab as specified. Testing to that degree of thoroughness is unusual, though we have done it a few times where a new CMS is being implemented for the first time. More commonly, where budgets and time are tight, we would discuss testing only key-areas or those where the clients have most concerns and go from there. For large projects or where time is critical, we work in partnership with others to speed up long processes or provide a broader opinion base.


You’ve been working on the site for weeks and it’s close to being finished, but every now and then you (or your clients!) spot something not quite right; the wrap around the images isn’t the same in all sections of the site or the footer links are different, or the company name is spelt with capitals in some of the text but not elsewhere. You hate when the client finds things after you’ve told them the work is complete, but there’s always something!

When you used to work at a larger agency, you’d look over each other’s work and identify these things as you went along but that’s not as easy to do as a freelancer or a small firm. That’s where we come in!

Most commonly, we would pre-agree an amount of time to give your work a ‘once-over’, either with a very general mandate or by looking for specific things like image sizes and resolution, but clients often get us involved much earlier in the building process and we’ll spend a couple of hours each week reviewing the project to keep an eye on progress or proofreading. We can also work as copy-editors, but for technical or market-specific subject matter, or for dense text, this can become quite a specialist field and there are some excellent online services you may prefer to use.

Manual Testing

  • Manual link-checking
  • Manual shopping cart testing
  • Manual search engine testing etc

Automated Testing

  • Running automated checking tools to find broken links and missing images

User Experience Testing (UAT User Acceptance Testing)

  • Providing feedback on design and layout
  • Testing website processes and general user experience
  • Viewing the site in all the most popular desktop and mobile browsers


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