About Us

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About Us

Why Do We Prefer To Work This Way?

We’re a broad bunch; artists, musicians and teachers, travellers, retired professionals and parents of small children. . . talented, creative, reliable individuals who want flexibility in their working hours. By working together, we’re able to retain this flexibility for ourselves while still providing fast responses and regular office hours for our clients.

About Me

I’m George, Right Hand Plan’s business owner and Customer Project Manager. I’m a musician and occasional traveller, and I’ve worked on the customer side of technical markets for almost twenty years. As an employee and contractor, I’ve been helping clients understand the choices behind their technology decisions, and helping programmers and technicians understand what their clients actually hope to see.

I’ve worked on print and digital design as well as the creative side of marketing; copy-writing, image-editing, as well as occasionally designing and coding. I wouldn’t describe myself as either designer or programmer, but simply a heavy internet-user with a keen eye and the ability to spot existing and potential problems, and with the experience to help find ways to resolve them.

If you think we might be able to help you with something, get in touch and we can discuss options. The price of a call and a few minutes of your time might be all it takes to get you the help you need, allowing you to concentrate on what you’re great at.